Tuition Information


Tuition & fees cover 9 hours of care per day.
A child dropped off at 6:00 AM will need to be pick-up by 3:00 PM.
A 30 minute grace period will be extended when necessary.
Children staying more than 9 hours will incur additional fees in the form of late pick-up or After Care fees


There is a non-refundable $50.00 fee for enrollment. Should a student withdraw and re-enroll in the same year, the fee will be charged again.


If one or more parents is on active military duty or is employed as a civil servant (such as a police officer or firefighter) a 10% discount will be applied to account.


Preferable payment methods are credit/debit cards, but we will also accept personal checks.

Child Care Supply Fee

There is a non-refundable child care supply fee $25 fee for each child enrolled in our Infant, Toddler, or Preschool Programs. This fee is due once a semester (twice a year) in February & August.

Payment Policy

Weekly rates apply for children enrolled three or more days per week.

Payment is due on Friday for the next week of care.

High Hope Academy will announce any tuition increases at least one month in advance.

High Hope Academy accepts payment in the form of credit/debit cards (online -or- in person), checks and money orders. NO CASH!
In the event a payment or check bounces due to insufficient funds, a $35 fee will be charged.
Payment of fees will be through automatic withdrawal from checking accounts on Friday of every week prior to services rendered. Initial tuition, enrollment fee, registration fee will be paid prior either by debit/credit card. Please let us know if alternative payment arrangements need to be made (grandparents paying tuition, ect. )

Monthly Tuition

Monthly tuition payments are encouraged.

Monthly tuition is the weekly rate for your child multiplied by Ex: Infants are $95.00 per week, so the monthly infant tuition is $380 per month)
Tuition for the next month is due the 2nd to last Friday of the previous month.
Parents who have multiple students enrolled will receive a 5% discount for each additional child after the first child is enrolled. This offer is based on availability.

Weekly Fees

Payments are made weekly and are due on FRIDAY unless alternate payment arrangements have been previously discussed with the Director.

Late Fees

Late Pick-up: Parents that are late picking-up will be charged $1.00 per minute. Ex: (10 min late $10) This fee is due upon pick-up.
Late Weekly Fee: Parents who fail to make the weekly payment will be charged $40 per child in addition to the standard weekly fee designated for the child. This is due on Monday at drop-off
Late Monthly Tuition Fee: Parents who fail to make timely monthly tuition payments will be charged $50 per child in addition to the standard monthly tuition fee designated for the child. This is due on the 1st Monday of the new month at drop-off.

Failure to Pay

Continually missing payments will result in your child being unable to attend High Hope Academy.
If late or missing payments become habitual, High Hope Academy will request a meeting with the parent/guardian responsible for delinquent payment to discuss a resolution.
If an account continues to be delinquent after attempts to resolve missing payments your child will be dis-enrolled

School Age Care

After School children attending on teacher workdays (in service days), snow days and school holidays will be an additional charge in addition to weekly charges. On early release days and / or delayed days there will also be an additional charge of $10 per day.

Drop-In Policy

Drop-ins must call the day of service needed to assure space is available. Daily fee of $52 will be charged for a drop in. High Hope Academy operates on a FULL TIME status. Drop ins are for visiting our center or for out of town guests.

CAPS Payments

High Hope Academy will accept CAPS payments for enrolled children when the following conditions are met:
● CAPS certificates authorizations must be received BEFORE children can begin attending any HHA programs, unless the tuition is paid in advance by the parent. This money will be refunded once CAPS authorizes payments for those days.
● Parents are responsible for submitting the necessary paperwork to CAPS in a timely manner to ensure authorizations are renewed before the current authorization expires. Parents/guardians will be charged for any days that a child attends after authorization has expired.
● Please note that CAPS will only pay for a limited number of absentee days. If these limited days are used and absentees continue excessively, parents will be notified and could result in the child being dropped from the program.
● CAPS will not cover additional expenses for enrolled children (field trips, late pick-up, etc.). Parents/guardians will be responsible for these costs.
● Parents/guardians will be charged for days that are not covered by CAPS if the child continues to attend the center.

Parents/guardians are required to notify CAPS and the center of changes in employment and/or school enrollment status.
No child will be guaranteed a spot in any HHA program without a current CAPS authorization agreement in place or advanced payment of the following week’s tuition.


Parent agrees to give three-week notice in writing prior to withdrawal of child(ren) from the center. If notice is not received by a Director, the parent remains responsible for payment of normal weekly fees for three weeks as space has been reserved for their child(ren).


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