About Us


High Hope Academy prides itself on being a daycare that instills in children the value of education and preparation. It is an honor to have the opportunity to watch our participants not only grow, but learn and engage with their peers on their journey’s to success.

Our directors, teachers and staff are the people your children see and learn from everyday at High Hope Academy. Get to know each of them a bit more below!

Child Care Leader

High Hope Academy has been in the teaching industry for over 30 years. Because of our love and passion for children and childcare, we have become the leader in the  industry of child care in the Tifton area.

Latonia Harris, Pre-K Lead Instructor

Mrs. Harris an outstanding Pre-K teacher!   I am beyond excited to be a part of High Hope Academy I am an educator from the heart and my passion is to teach, inspire and advance children to next level of excellence. I bring with my experience 30 years plus, as an Educator!

Hi Class Teaching TEAM