Preschool Program

Preschool Program Overview

Learning Squirrels – (Ages 3-4yrs)

They just grow up so fast! Ages 3-4 are called the “magic years” because this is the time where your child’s world will be dominated by fantasy and a very vivid imagination. High Hope Academy encourages our preschoolers to use their creative minds to their advantage in their everyday activities.

Highlights of our Preschool Classrooms

✔ Nationally recognized curriculum
✔ Snacks and Hot meals provided daily
✔ All toys in the classroom are rotated and sanitized daily
✔ Small group phonics, field trips, and socialization
✔ Activity areas set up in the classroom focusing on all areas of development
✔ Small class sizes
✔ Developmental assessments conducted twice a year


While Preschool children are continuing to learn how the world works through hands-on experience, we believe that preschoolers need the opportunity to be themselves.

In our preschool classrooms, children are encouraged to practice studious behavior such as following simple class rules, routines, and directions. Each day, your child will explore new ways to use their imagination during planned activities, gain basic math and science knowledge, as well as movement time where they can sing and dance which also promotes their openness to the arts.

Not only do they learn through their natural play, but we utilize the Benchmark Education Ready to Advance curriculum, which is a comprehensive early learning program that develops social-emotional and academic competencies. This program is designed to engage children in high-quality learning experiences and prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond!

✔ New and fun activities daily
✔ Rewards system that reinforces positive behavior and good choice making skills