Toddlers Program

Toddlers Program Overview

Jumping Joeys – (Ages 12 mo-2 ½ years)

Once toddlers discover their voice and realize their feet can move a mile a minute, they’re always on the go! At this age, children are testing boundaries and exploring their independence. We allow your toddlers to be themselves—they will learn to express their own likes and dislikes, the difference between right & wrong, and the importance of friendship.

Highlights of our Toddler Classrooms

✔ Snacks and Hot meals provided daily
✔ All toys in the classroom are sanitized daily and as they are placed in their mouths
✔ Documentation of all important activities throughout the day
✔ Activity areas set up in the classroom focusing on all areas of development
✔ Small class sizes
✔ Developmental assessments conducted every 2 months


Toddlers are naturally fast and exuberant learners. They develop their language skills babbling with their peers and they push boundaries in the classroom as teachers encourage them to find themselves.

Our curriculum provides toddlers with more means to communicate. We implore the use of sign language and reinforce their speech regarding basic phrases like “More, please!” “Thank you!” and “Water, please!”. We also use sight words and phrases to further encourage the recognition of commonly used words and phrases. Our teachers consistently model good speech practices to support your toddler’s vocabulary as well as introducing them to new words and sounds.

The development of verbal skills is one of our main focuses for our Toddler Classroom and our teachers strive to help each toddler reach new speech goals each day.

✔ Basic Sign Language
✔ Sight Words and Phrases
✔ Indoor and Outdoor Playtime
✔ Daily Encouragement & Praise to build self-esteem
✔ Allowing your child to self comfort